Piscopia Necklace


A vibrant necklace, with bursts of atomic tangerine, vermilion, and grapefruit shades, broken up by small crystal-like beads - Made in Italy.

To remember and honour the identities of the women that inspire us and whose stories we wish to celebrate, we have named each piece of jewellery after a female pioneer at the forefront of Italian history.

This necklace honours the Venetian academic Elena Cornaro Piscopia, the first woman in the world to ever receive a university degree and the first female to obtain a doctorate. In 1678 she was successfully awarded a PhD for her studies in philosophy. An expert musician and linguist, she was able to secure a post as a mathematics lecturer at the University of Padua following her graduation. She defied the imposed societal obstacles placed upon women to become wives and homemakers, becoming respected as a leading female figure in Italian academia and a member in a number of European academies.

All of our jewellery is created by sourcing the highest quality Italian-made beads, and carefully hand-made in Milan. We want the best for you so please see the steps below to best take care of your Pietrasanta jewellery. 

The wiring, clasps and studs may tarnish naturally over time -  cleaning your jewellery with a lint-free cloth & storing it in a dark spot can avoid this. Avoid contact with perfumes, sprays, cosmetics, creams, humidity and extreme temperatures, as it might damage the resin and metal parts. When travelling with your jewellery, it's a good idea to store it in a rigid box to avoid external pressures from damaging your statement pieces. All of our jewellery comes with a branded pouch and presentation box to help you take the best care of your jewellery. 


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