Pietrasanta was born out of a vision to revive the statement jewellery worn throughout the golden era of Italian fashion. Our story starts in the small town of Pietrasanta, our namesake, a historic village nestled between the famous white-marbled mountains and the warm Mediterranean Sea of Tuscany, where our families for the last three generations have spent their summers. Inspired by our grandmothers recanting stories of past summers spent on the beaches and the glamour of Italian fashion in the 1960s, our novel jewellery reflects this vibrant history through bold and striking pieces bursting with colour. We want to distil the effortless style of Italian fashion into every single piece of Pietrasanta bijoux.

Pietrasanta's bijoux are entirely Made in Italy. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted by expert female artisans. We source the highest quality beads made of resin from Italian manufacturers to create our luxury jewellery. As our bijoux are hand-made we offer each piece in a limited quantity to ensure that our items are consistently produced with the highest standards. We are committed to being a sustainable brand by aiming to reduce our packaging and supply-chain footprint by sourcing materials and production locally.