To remember and honour the identities of the women that inspire us and whose stories we wish to celebrate, we have named each piece of jewellery after a female pioneer at the forefront of Italian history.

Our colourful statement piece is named in honour of Giuliana Camerino, née Coen, a true Italian fashion innovator.

She revolutionised the post-war fashion industry with her handbag designs. After having escaped Nazi persecution due to her Jewish heritage, she founded the fashion house Roberta di Camerino in 1945. Camerino's handbags became renowned for their innovativeness as her models used richly patterned and colourful fabrics. Some of these fabrics were woven on antique looms, which helped to sustain local industry in the difficult climate of post-war Italy. A pioneer in the early years of Italian high fashion, she has been credited with the invention of the statement bag.