To remember and honour the identities of the women that inspire us and whose stories we wish to celebrate, we have named each piece of jewellery after a female pioneer at the forefront of Italian history.

This classic pair of earrings is dedicated to none other than Artemisia Gentileschi, one of the most celebrated Italian artists.

She was born in Rome, the only daughter of the painter Orazio Gentileschi, with whom she trained. As a young woman she was molested by a fellow artist and the persecution of her perpetrator turned into a highly publicised court case. This personal tragedy for many years overshadowed her artistic achievements. However overcoming this hardship, her depiction of strong and resilient women became one of her pictorial specialities. Transcending the restrictions enforced on women of her time, she became one of Europe's most sought-after painters working for the highest echelons of society. Until today, she is considered as one of the great artistic trailblazers of her generation.