Trivulzio Necklace


A black beaded necklace, offering a modern look with its plunging neckline and its round green pendant - Lovingly hand-made in Italy.

Our necklace pays homage to the nineteenth-century Italian noblewoman, political activist and author, Cristina Trivulzio, who led an adventurous and intrepid life in the service of Italy’s struggle for independence. She became Princess Belgiojoso through her marriage in 1824, but shortly after she left her princely husband to devote herself entirely to the Italian freedom movement, the Risorgimento. Her participation in the partisan movement and the rejection of her husband caused a scandal among the Milanese elite of her time. Yet this did not deter her. A fiery and zealous advocate for liberating Italy from Austrian rule, Cristina wrote pamphlets and was active as a messenger and passport counterfeiter for the resistance. As a result, she suffered persecution and was forced her into political exile in Paris. She remained a fearless political activist throughout her life, publishing books and articles on politics and history, before dying shortly after her life-long goal, the unification of Italy, finally became a reality.

Trivulzio Necklace

Hand-made, in Italy.

Weight – circa 170g

Circumference – circa 55cm

Galvanized silver lobster clasp. Free from nickel and lead.


Disclaimer – The images of the Products on our site are for illustrative purposes only. All of our necklaces and earrings are hand-made, with components and beads that are produced using machinery or made by hand individually. As a result, the shapes, colours, and sizes of each item and/or component may differ slightly from the image shown above.

All Pietrasanta bijoux are created using the highest quality beads and components. Please follow these steps to ensure that your items are not damaged or compromised.

The wiring, clasps and studs may tarnish naturally over time. Tarnishing is not a fault, and to avoid this, you may use a lint-free cloth to clean the metals components of your bijoux. Similarly, as the metal components may bend under pressure, we advise that the bijoux be stored and transported in rigid boxes to avoid any external pressure compromising the item.

Please ensure that your jewellery avoids contact with perfumes, sprays, cosmetics, creams, water, and moisture, as it may lead to discolouration of the resin, and metal components. Similarly, please avoid extreme temperatures, humidity, sunlight, or spotlights, as this will compromise the quality and features of the bijoux. These factors may lead to a fault, and may be avoided if cared for as outlined above. Additionally, in the rare case that the finish of a component scratches off, this will be considered as natural wear and tear of the item due to the way in which the component was made, and not seen as a fault. With regards to general care of your bijoux, we advise that they be kept in a cool, dark and dry place, and be cleaned with lint-free cloths. Tarnishing or discolouration due to chemical contact is not a manufacturing fault.

We are not responsible for any damage due to negligence, and damage or faults caused by wear and tear are the responsibility of the owner.

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