Borromeo Necklace


A truly elegant black and amber double-layered necklace!

Premium Italian resin. Hand-made in Milan.

Click below to find out who we named this statement piece in honour of!

Borromeo Necklace

Hand-made, in Italy.

Weight – circa 175g

Length – circa 65cm

Italian resin. Galvanized gold lobster clasp. Free from nickel and lead.


To remember and honour the identities of the women that inspire us and whose stories we wish to celebrate, we have named each piece of jewellery after a female pioneer at the forefront of Italian history.

Our black and amber pieces are named in honour of the eighteen-century polyglot, scientist and mathematician Clelia Grillo Borromeo.

Born in 1684 and married to a Milanese aristocrat, Borromeo hosted one of the most important intellectual salons in Milan, whilst also maintaining a family and raising eight children. She had a great interest in natural science and mathematics and her salon became famous for its dedication to science, to that extent that even live experiments were performed at her gatherings. Over time her salon took on an increasingly political role and she emerged as a leading political figure in the fight against the Austrian’s sovereignty over Milan. She is remembered as a political and intellectual force in Enlightenment Italy.  

Each Pietrasanta piece is lovingly hand-made in Milan, and crafted using the highest quality materials sourced from Italy. Each item comes in a soft white velvet pouch, and a branded presentation box so that you can safely store your new jewellery.

All Pietrasanta jewellery is completely hypoallergenic – it’s free from lead, copper and nickel, so that you can wear it all day long without any issues.

The jewellery may be: plated in gold; silver 925, galvanized gold or galvanized silver – we would recommend the following steps to ensure your items are not damaged and stay clean. The wiring, clasps and studs may tarnish naturally over time. Tarnishing occurs naturally and to avoid this you may use a lint-free cloth to clean the metals parts of your jewellery. Similarly, as certain parts may bend under pressure, we suggest that the items be stored and transported in rigid boxes to avoid any external pressure compromising the item. If the jewellery does not ‘fall’ as expected, remember not to press down on the item, but try to gently align the pieces to their intended state.

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