To remember and honour the identities of the women that inspire us and whose stories we wish to celebrate, we have named each piece of jewellery after a female pioneer at the forefront of Italian history.

The name of this statement piece is inspired by the Italian poet Eleonora de Fonseca Pimentel, who is remembered as a trailblazing yet tragic heroine of the Neapolitan revolution of 1799.

Born in 1751 in Rome, Eleonora was an unlikely revolutionary. An erudite woman, she spoke five languages, read Latin and Greek, and was an avid writer of poetry. After her family’s move to Naples and a distressing divorce from her abusive husband, she committed herself to writing and publishing poetry. In the 1790s she became involved in the Jacobin movement in Naples that was working to overthrow the Bourbon monarchy and to establish a local version of the French Republic. This eventually became a reality in January 1799, albeit only short-lived. Eleonora became an instrumental figure in the Neapolitan Republic and founded its own republican newspaper Il Monitore Napoletano, which she run as Editor-in-Chief. When the royalist forces took back control of Naples, Eleonora was apprehended for her role in the revolution and condemned to death. Following her death, she became a cultural and political icon in Naples as a fearless revolutionary who believed in democratic ideals as well as the improvement of social, economic, and political conditions in Naples.